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300 hour yoga teacher training in Cork

Welcome to the first ever intensive and weekend based Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Cork

  • The only 300hr Yoga Teacher training in cork

Our brand new weekend and intensive based 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training is the first in Cork, and is designed to take you to the next level in your practice and teaching within a manageable schedule.

  • Unique syllabus

Our unique 300 hour yoga teacher training syllabus focuses around an Area of Specialisation (AOS) that you choose to research and develop.

  • convenience

Our new Advanced Training is a split intensive and weekend based schedule, so you can go to the next level with minimal disruption to your daily life.

  • our Teaching team

We have one of the best yoga training teams there is and we bring our same world renowned team over from India to train with you in Cork.

300 hr Yoga Teacher Training in Cork

July - September 2020
2695 Early Bird Price
  • 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Cork
    Become an advanced Yoga Teacher and practitioner in Cork. Start your training with a two week intensive focused on honing your asana and studying level II lectures in Anatomy, Ayurveda, Philosophy, sequencing and more. The second part of the training consists of 4 weekends.
Yoga teacher stretching a student

Style of yoga

During the Yoga Teacher Training programme you will learn a unique blend of traditional yoga styles:

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Our Level I Yoga Teacher Training Practice Sequence is founded in the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, a dynamic and flowing style of yoga that builds strength, flexibility and focus.

Iyengar Yoga

To compliment the Ashtanga style we also teach the fundamentals of Iyengar yoga, particularly focusing on precise alignment in poses, and the use of props and modifications to make the practice safe and accessible for all levels.

Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation

Our school director Yogacharya Lalit is a student of a long tradition of yoga from a direct line of Himlayan Masters. Lalit studied under his master Swami Veda Bhati and Grandmaster Swami Rama, who founded the famous Himalayan Institute, and on our Yoga Teacher Training you will learn meditation and philosophy in alignment with this ancient lineage.


- Advanced Yoga Asana

- Level II Adjustments

- Anatomy

- Physiology

- Yoga Philosophy

- The Energetic Body

- Ayurveda

- Asana Sequencing

- Sequencing for the Systems

- Level II Pranayama

- Ethics

- Yoga Business Development

- Teacher Communication Skills

- Meditation Methodology

- Reflective Journaling

yoga anatomy teacher and students

Our unique 300 hour syllabus

Our Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course is unique to Himalaya Yoga Valley in its concept. Along with advanced asana and lectures with Lalit and our teaching team, our trainees also develop a body of knowledge around a specialised area of yoga that they are interested in, and collaborate with their fellow students to share these ideas.

Our trainees delve into their chosen area and build up a body of knowledge, becoming fully informed and taking this knowledge into their teaching and practice. Examples of previous trainee areas of specialisation are Yoga for Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Yoga for Children with Autism, Yoga for PTSD, Yoga and Ayurveda for Psychosomatic Disorders and many more areas trainees are passionate about.


What you need to join our 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training
- 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification from a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School

Course structure

Become a Level II Yoga Teacher Training with minimal impact to your daily life. Our brand new 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Cork is split into two sections, first a two week intensive during the summer holidays and the second part is split over four weekends between August and September.

By the end of September you’ll be a certified RYT 500 hour Level II Yoga Teacher.

2 week intensive

18th July - 3rd August 2020

Weekend modules

  • 1| 8 - 9 August 2020​
  • 2| 15 - 16 August 2020
  • 3| 5 - 6 September 2020
  • 4| 26 - 27 September 2020
  • Advanced Asana Practice and workshops with Lalit
  • Advanced Asana Adjustment and Alignment
  • Advanced Asana Theory
  • Asana Injury Prevention
  • Level II Anatomy
  • Level II Philosophy
  • Level II Ayurveda
  • The Energetic Body
  • Level II Pranayama
  • Level II Mantras
  • Student Area of Specialisation Asana Classes
  • Student Area of Specialisation Presentations
  • Student Area of Specialisation Meditations
  • Yoga Business Development
  • Yoga Business Development
  • Classroom Management and Teaching Methods
  • Teacher Communication Skills
  • Sequencing for the Systems
  • Workshop Theming: Sequencing for Specialised Classes
Yoga Student meditating

Schedules and times

During the two week intensive days will start at 6:30am and finish at 6:00pm.

The weekend modules will start at 8:30am and finish at 5:30pm on Saturdays and 4:30pm on Sundays to allow you time to travel.
Yoga asana practice
Meditation, Chanting and Pranayama​
Morning break & journal writing
Lunch break and free time
Yoga asana practice

I am deeply grateful for the experience, the friendships, the growth but most importantly the felt sense of community and love expressed by everyone. There will always be a place in my heart for all the teachers and staff members of Himalaya Yoga Valley.

Alejandra Botero

Yoga Teacher and Himalaya Yoga Valley 300 Hour Graduate

Gisella's story

Our 300hr Yoga Teacher Trainings are the perfect opportunity to take your teaching to the next level. Each year we work with both both graduates and new students to Himalaya Yoga Valley to help them expand their knowledge of traditional yoga and to develop their teaching and career paths.

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Meet the team

Yogacharya Lalit Kumar
School Director

Lalit is the founder of Himalaya Yoga Valley and lead teacher on our Yoga Teacher Trainings.

MAeve O'Brien Yoga Teacher
Program Director and Lecturer

Maeve coordinates our courses as well as teaching yoga business, ethics and management.

Viriam Kaur Yoga Teacher
Philosophy Teacher

With Viriam you will explore the ancient philosophy, history and  wisdom of yoga.

Mandep Kaur Yoga Teacher
Yoga Teacher

With Mandeep you will learn traditional sanskrit chanting, meditation and pranayama.

Adam Divine Yoga Teacher
Anatomy Teacher

In Adam’s lectures you’ll not only explore anatomy but also our systems, facia and much more.

Senior Yoga Teacher

As well as helping to coordinate the training, Tony supports Lalit in the Shala and asana lectures.

Dr Rohit Himalaya Yoga Valley Teacher
Dr Rohit
Ayurveda Dr and Teacher

Dr Rohit is a world renowned Ayurvedic doctor, and he will be teaching your Ayurveda lectures.

Tomoe Yoga Teacher
Yoga Teacher

Tomoe is an experienced yoga teacher who will be there to help deepen your asana practice.

7 Years in Cork

We visited Cork just over 7 years ago and immediately fell in love with the city. Now, 7 years and two beautiful yoga studios later, we’re living our dream of bringing authentic, affordable and accessible yoga to the people of Ireland. This year we’re bringing our hugely popular 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training from India to Europe so you can learn with our incredible teaching team without having to make the journey.

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300 hr Yoga Teacher Training in Cork

July - September 2020
2695 Early Bird Price
  • 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Cork
    Become an advanced Yoga Teacher and practitioner in Cork. Start your training with a two week intensive focused on honing your asana and studying level II lectures in Anatomy, Ayurveda, Philosophy, sequencing and more. The second part of the training consists of 4 weekends.

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