Arm Balancing Practice With Lalit

29 March, 2018
lalit kumar in eka pada koundinyasana

Arm Balancing and Core Strengthening Practice with Lalit

Practice with Lalit as he takes you step by step through some of the key poses to build core strength and establish your arm balancing practice.

During this 25 minute practice you’ll flow through:

– Bakasana
– Eka pada koundinyasana a
– Eka pada koundinyasana b
– Parsva bakasana
– Handstand Practice

Not only do Arm balances build strength in the arms, shoulders and core, they also develop focus and cultivate confidence in your practice.

Sometimes we fall over, but through this process we learn to pick ourselves up and try again, and this becomes a metaphor for how we approach challenges and obstacles in our day to day lives.

When teaching arm balances can be great when working with groups that may have low confidence or self-esteem like sufferers of anxiety or panic attacks.

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