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Graduate Stories
"When you join Himalaya Valley you become part of the Himalaya family. I felt a great sense of support from all the amazing teachers. The classes given by Viriam, Adam, Tony, Eveanna, Maeve, Dr Rohit and Yogita were all stand out."

Sophie Cunningham

200/500 Hr Graduate
Teacher Training Review Stars
Yoga Teacher Training Graduate Gayle Newbolt Profile
"My training at Himalaya Yoga Valley was thorough, dynamic and rewarding and gave me everything I needed to start teaching immediately after I graduated. The whole team are warm, knowledgable and supportive"

Gayle Newbolt

200/500 Hr Graduate
Teacher Training Review Stars
Yoga Teacher Training Graduate Amy Dier Profile
"My 200 hour teacher training experience at Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre went above and beyond my expectations. The most wonderful team of gifted teachers guide you through the program and ensure you have the confidence and knowledge to leave as successful Yoga teachers and practitioners"

Amy Dier

200/500 Hr Graduate
Teacher Training Review Stars
The Himalaya Yoga Valley Experience In One Word

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Graduate Success
Bonnee Gregg
Yoga teacher & Co Owner at Breathing Room, Red Deer, Canada
It’s with deep gratitude, admiration and respect when I bow my head to my teachers & Lalit from Himalaya Yoga Valley. I've had the beautiful fortune of training with the Himalaya team in India twice. Upon arriving at my first teacher training, I had a business plan written for a yoga studio. Not only did they whole-heartedly embrace my dream, they encouraged me to turn it into reality and cheered me on along the way. With their continued advice and support, I’m now going into my ninth year of business. Their kindness and generosity has far exceeded my trainings in ways I never expected.
Over the past several years, they’ve helped me brainstorm workshops and class ideas, detangle business situations, and even celebrate the birth of my son. Lalit and the team have challenged me to honor and live my yoga the best way I can, without compromise and with unwavering devotion.
I can say, without the slightest embellishment, that my life has never been the same since crossing paths with my mentors. With their guidance, I feel as though I have a handbook for life. I have a yoga practice that runs through my veins, far deeper and richer than any physical asana.​
Chris Berlin
Yoga Teacher, New York
Himalaya Yoga Valley – Just wanted to say in a word – thanks. You did it! You gave me everything I needed to become a teacher. I’m teaching 6 days a week at two different studios in NYC and I have a growing list of private clients. The best way to make the jump after teacher training – put your feet on the edge and do it. Yes it’s nerve racking when your first students actually show up to take a class that you have to lead. But you CAN do it.
Leaving Goa I was equipped with every single tool needed to lead an informed competent class. The last tool I needed to work on...belief in myself. Once you take that leap of faith it all falls into place. One of the best pieces of the training is the sequence that Lalit put together this is the Holy Grail and I always keep it close by. When and if you get flustered while teaching a class it’s very easy to “take it through a vinyasa” and during adho mukha savasana, peek at the sequence gather your composure and get back to it. I’ve also found that students like adjustments. It doesn’t have to be a “correction” per say, it does have to be your undivided attention on that student. Upon leaving HYVC you will be an alignment specialist and sharing that in your classes will help you quickly become people’s favourite teacher. Again HYVC thanks for letting me be me and helping me find my teaching voice.
P.S. I actually meditate daily and sit in full lotus (something I thought was impossible when I arrived). – Chris
Why Paul Keeps Coming Back to Goa

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More Reviews

Kathleen Chau
"Everything was just perfect : a well balanced and fascinating curriculum, an inspiring teaching team, a serene location, delicious food, very comfortable accommodation, an amazing and diverse group of fellow students and the most peaceful and loving environment one could ever hope for."
Liz Baskin
"Himalaya Yoga Valley really takes care with every detail from travel to accommodations, delicious vegetarian meals, and a curriculum and instructors that steadily builds on student knowledge and confidence to leave with a well-rounded ability to teach yoga."
Ylva Eriksson
"The engaged and professional teachers at Himalaya Yoga Valley gave me a solid foundation to keep building from - both in relation to my own yoga practice and as a teacher. HYV provided a safe environment in which I could learn, grow and push my limits"
Ciara Watson
"The courses at HYV are amazing and I could not recommend them more. They train you to be a inclusive teacher, enabling you to bring the benefits of yoga to a wide audience. Tradition is at the forefront of all that they do."
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