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Join Lalit in Cork for this 5-day Yoga Immersion


Five Days of Asana Exploration with Lalit

Join Lalit in Cork for this 5-day yoga immersion is designed to deepen your existing asana practice, improve your alignment and develop greater physical and subtle awareness in your yoga asana practice. Each of the days will start with Chanting, Pranayama & Meditation followed by an energising morning asana class with Lalit. In the afternoon Lalit will take you through some of his exciting new workshops with techniques created to improve your physical and mental strength and bring a new depth to your yoga asana practice

About Lalit

If you haven’t practised with Lalit already, this is the perfect opportunity to practice with one of the most experienced and intuitive teachers in the world. Lalit has been practising Yoga since the age of 7 when he entered traditional Yoga schools in India. Since then he has trained under some of the most respected masters of Yoga. 

Lalit blends his two backgrounds of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga to form a teaching style that is dynamic and flowing but also places a strong focus on alignment and foundations. 

Program Details

Daily Schedule

Typical Daily Schedule
07:00 - 08:00 | Morning Chanting, Pranayama and Meditation
08:30 - 10:15 | Morning Asana Practice Lalit
11:00 - 13:00 | Asana Development Clinic & Q&A With Lalit
15:30 - 17:30 | Afternoon Advanced Asana Workshop

Asana Development Clinics

In these asana clinics, you will learn techniques to modify asana to make them more accessible, with hands-on physical adjustments to correct alignment and deepen both your own asana practice and that of your students. You will have the opportunity to practice asana adjustment techniques under the guidance of our teachers along with an exploration of advanced sequencing to bring variety and interest to your online and offline classes.
Teachers: Lalit and Tony

Twice Daily Asana Practice

Lalit and Tony will lead two asana classes a day that will build on our Ashtanga & Iyengar inspired Level 1-2 sequences, with focused workshops on areas such as arm balancing; hip-opening; back bending along with Q&A sessions to deepen your practice and knowledge.
Teachers: Lalit and Tony

Morning Meditation

Your daily morning meditation, chanting and pranayama session will help you to deepen and expand your practice on a subtle level. These morning sessions cleanse your spirit and prepare your mind and body for a day of exploration and education.
Teachers: Maeve

Career Development Certificate

On completion of the Asana Immersion course you will receive certification for 30 hours of Continuing Education credits. This can be used towards career development hours for all yoga certification bodies.

Asana Immersion Team

School Director

Lalit is the founder of Himalaya Yoga Valley and lead teacher on our Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Senior Yoga Teacher

As well as helping to coordinate the training Tony supports Lalit in the Shala and asana lectures.

Meditation Teacher

Maeve coordinates our courses and will lead your morning meditation and pranayama sessions.


  • Develop your knowledge and practice with us. Learn to develop greater physical and mental awareness in your practice.

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