Brand New Asana Breakdown Series

2 September, 2018
Asana Breakdown with Lalit

New Videos designed for Yoga Teachers


Learn techniques and modifications to progress your practice and support your students in Lalit’s new series of Asana Breakdown Videos

As part of our commitment to providing continuing support and education to our graduates, Lalit has put together a new series of Asana Breakdown Videos designed to give you an overview of some key asana.

In these videos, Lalit will give you an overview of each full pose, and then a number of modifications to help you or your student safely build their practice with the support of techniques and props.

In the below example Lalit takes us step by step through the stages of building a safe and strong sirsasana (headstand).

To see all of Lalit’s Asana Breakdown videos visit our YouTube channel or watch the playlist ‘Asana Breakdown with Lalit‘.

Over the coming months,¬†we will be continuing our commitment to producing new educational and support material as it’s important to us that our students always continue to progress their teaching and their practice after they graduate.

If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see next from Lalit you can post or contact us on any of our social media channels.