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Yogacharya Lalit

Lalit Kumar is the Founding Director of Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre. He has over 15 years experience teaching nationally and internationally. He is a prominent and established yoga teacher in the global yoga community with a strong following within the yoga teaching world .

As lead teacher on all Himalaya Yoga Valley educational programs, Lalit divides his time between the Goa centre his European centre in Ireland working on 200 & 5oo hour training’s. Lalit also holds regular yoga retreats and immersions around the world. Lalit teaches popular annual workshops & masterclasses in Switzerland, France, Germany, Denmark, The UK, Italy, Spain. Lalit is the Hon. Secretary for International Yoga Federation for Ireland and Dharamshala.

Lalit began studying at traditional Indian yoga schools known as Gurukulams at the age of 7 and he is honored to have studied yoga under some of the most well-known and respected yoga Masters in India. Lalit was initiated by Swami Veda Bharti of the Himalayan tradition in 2003. He has spent nearly a decade studying numerous traditional styles and disciplines at various Ashrams in North and South India. He studied Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore at Ashtanga Yoga Nilaya and Shri Parakala Mutt. Lalit has also studied at the Sivananda Centre in Trivandrum and spent his formative spiritual years at Swami Ram Sadak Gurukulam in Rishikesh. Lalit has studied under Sri BKS Iyengar and Sri K Pattabhi Jois, Sri Sharath Jois and Sri BNS Iyengar in Mysore and. Lalit continues to train in the Mysore with Sharath Jois as a humble and devoted student. In 2014, Lalit’s son Oisín was born followed by the birth of his daughter Éile in 2017. His children are his greatest gurus and biggest achievements.

Lalit’s popular teaching style blends traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Iyengar inspired alignment techniques. He places a strong focus on to physical adjustments to improve alignment through a precise, yet dynamic practice. Lalit is passionate about training teachers and sharing his teachings with keen yogis although his style is demanding, he is known for his ability to work with students of all levels and bring out the best in the individual. He believes through self discipline and self study, students of yoga can flourish both personally and in the world.

His unique light hearted teaching style is blended with expert knowledge which makes his classes inspiring for one and all. Lalit’s mantra is to increase awareness and knowledge of the benefits of practicing yoga, and to relay an understanding of the philosophy and yogic lifestyle of the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga yoga.

Lalit is a keen spiritual practitioner and devoted family man to his wife and children who are loving supporters of his path.

To find out more about Lalit see his website www.yogawithlalit.com

Lalit is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

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