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Graduate Success Stories

Our greatest rewards are our student’s achievements! We have taken great pride in seeing so many of our students making the transition to established teachers and studio owners when they return home. Below are stories from some of our graduates about their journeys from student to successful teachers and their training experiences with Himalaya Yoga Valley.

Allison Newsome

Yoga Teacher, Yoga Through Life, UK, 

I did my 200 Hr TTC with Himalaya Yoga Valley in 2014 and I was really impressed with the detailed e-mails I received in the run up to the course answering all my questions.  Then when I arrived I was welcomed with open arms and made to feel at home.  All the teachers are high quality and so passionate about what they teach they really want you to get the most out of your training and to spread the benefits of Yoga to everyone at a good standard.  The accommodation is lovely and the grounds are beautiful especially the shala and the pool.  The course is tough so be prepared to work hard but if you love Yoga you will love the course! I felt confident enough after the course to go back and teach straight away.

I then wanted to learn more and thankfully Himalaya Yoga Valley now run the 300 Hr TTC.  I felt I wanted to give my students more and have a deeper understanding myself of Yoga so I did the course in 2015 and it was the best thing I did.  You get to specialise in a subject but also learn from other people’s specialised subjects too.  Now I teach a variety of classes not just Ashtanga and have more confidence teaching people with injuries and conditions and feel I can adapt classes and poses now. I don’t like to turn people away so it is the most valuable thing to be able to include people in your class that perhaps haven’t been able to do Yoga before.  This course also gives you the chance to spend time improving your own practice of asana, pranayama and meditation.  I learnt a lot about myself in the time I was there and feel I can now pass on my experiences and knowledge I have gathered to others.  – Allison

Bonnee Gregg

Yoga teacher & Co Owner at Breathing Room, Red Deer, Canada www.breathingroomreddeer.com

It’s with deep gratitude, admiration and respect when I bow my head to my teachers & Lalit from Himalaya Yoga Valley. In the Spring of 2009, I had the beautiful fortune of training with the Himalaya team in Dharamsala, India and once again in Goa, India two years later. Upon arriving at my first teacher training, I had a business plan written for a yoga studio. Not only did they whole-heartedly embrace my dream, they encouraged me to turn it into reality and cheer me on along the way. With their continued advice and support, I’m now going into my fifth year of business. Their kindness and generosity has far exceeded my trainings in ways I never expected.

Over the past several years, they’ve helped me brainstorm workshops and class ideas, detangle business situations, and even celebrate the birth of my son. Lalit and the team have challenged me to honor and live my yoga the best way I can, without compromise and with unwavering devotion.

I can say, without the slightest embellishment, that my life has never been the same since crossing paths with my mentors. With their guidance, I feel as though I have a handbook for life. I have a yoga practice that runs through my veins, far deeper and richer than any physical asana.

Nicolette Wilson

Yoga Teacher and Owner at Nicolette Wilson – Yoga and Pilates, London

I knew that this was the yoga teacher training for me as soon as I got a reply after my enquiry. It told me ALL that I needed to know to help me make a decision about investing my money and travelling to a distance and very different land. When I arrived, had settled in and the course began, I felt right at home. The team are wonderful beings who only have your best interest at heart. They really do care….I became ill and didn’t need to worry about a thing. Lalit is an inspiring and genuine teacher. He doesn’t pretend to be more than he is and what he is, is more than enough. His teachings will make you laugh or/and cry and challenge you in a way that makes you feel that you’ll be just fine in the end.

Himalaya Yoga Valley make a formidable and professional team. Coupled with the infrastructure around them, I promise you that not only will you come away with a glorious yoga teacher training qualification but also an absolutely fabulous experience. – Nicolette

Shane Johnson Rose

Founder of Soulfull Yoga, Soham UK

Firstly, thank you for what was the best experience of my life! The course was just excellent, I learnt more than I could ever have imagined, and I left with so much confidence in my knowledge and abilities.

The fact that during the course I got to make, what I know will be life long friends was just the cherry on the cake. I have never connected with people in that way before, and probably never will again. We’re all keeping in touch and continue to be a constant source of support for each other. Everyone has been so successful in all of their ventures since returning home, its been wonderful to see.

The return home wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be, it’s quite amazing how quickly you adjust back to everyday life. I got straight to work and set up my FB page and website, preparing classes etc. I’m teaching twice a week in my local area, and am hoping to set up a third class in the near future. I also have a workshop coming up, with the aim being to give everyone an insight into a typical morning on the training, so Mantra, Pranayama and Meditation.

I love teaching, it’s so rewarding and the feedback I got been given has just spurred me on to continue.The whole experience has been life changing, and I hope to one day be able to teach full time. I cannot wait to visit you all again, I miss the centre, the Shala, the dawn chorus, Mango! I hope all the pets are well, including little Dolly – Shane

Kelsie Legard

Founder of Kleanse Yoga, Regina, Canada

The 200hr YTC absolutely changed my life in so many positive ways. The HYV team has such a beautiful way of passing along the gift of yoga in a traditional and professional manner. Respecting the roots of yoga and Ashtanga as a whole. The entire program is made to set you up to absolutely thrive with the confidence and knowledge needed to be a successful vessel for other students. I have so much love for the HYV team, because they are truly genuine and put their hearts and souls into making this the best experience possible. I applied for this program thinking that I was going to deepen my personal practice, I had no idea teaching yoga to others would become such a passion of mine in the months/years to follow. I can thank my experience with Himalaya Yoga Valley for this and will never truly be able to thank them enough!

Chris Berlin

Yoga Teacher, New York, www.chrisberlin.com

Himalaya Yoga Valley – Just wanted to say in a word – thanks. You did it! You gave me everything I needed to become a teacher. I’m teaching 6 days a week at two different studios in NYC and I have a growing list of private clients. The best way to make the jump after teacher training – put your feet on the edge and do it. Yes it’s nerve racking when your first students actually show up to take a class that you have to lead. But you CAN do it.

Leaving Goa I was equipped with every single tool needed to lead an informed competent class. The last tool I needed to work on -belief in myself. Once you take that leap of faith it all falls into place. One of the best pieces of the training is the sequence that Lalit put together this is the Holy Grail and I always keep it close by. When and if you get flustered while teaching a class it’s very easy to “take it through a vinyasa” and during adho mukha savasana, peek at the sequence gather your composure and get back to it. I’ve also found that students like adjustments. It doesn’t have to be a “correction” per say, it does have to be your undivided attention on that student. Upon leaving HYVC you will be an alignment specialist and sharing that in your classes will help you quickly become people’s favourite teacher. Once again HYVC thanks for letting me be me and helping me find my teaching voice.

P.S. I actually meditate daily and sit in full lotus (something I thought was impossible when I arrived). – Chris

Erica Jung

Owner and Yoga teacher at Trepta Yoga USA, www.treptayoga.com

I have nothing but the biggest compliments and warmest thoughts when it comes to Himalaya Yoga Valley. Not only is Lalit Kumar supremely talented and filled with insurmountable knowledge, he is humble and heartfelt making everyone feel truly special. The rest of the HYVC family is just as integral and knowledgeable in creating one of the most well rounded learning environments. Their love, care, and professionalism sets them apart from other training programs, and one walks away feeling confident in plunging into the yoga teaching world.

My time and continued relationship with HYVC is truly one my most treasured. Nothing but love and gratitude – Erica

Hillary Doyle

Owner and teacher at Yoga in Bowness Canada, www.yogainbowness.com

My experience with HYC has been life changing, their support and love is beautiful and so genuine. The course allowed me to be authentic and express my feelings freely through yoga, meditation, and journaling. I have grown, changed & discovered so much from within. I will never forget HYC for the love they have shown, their strength and inspirational stories, and their continuous support and friendship. Hilary

Angela Glaz

Yoga Teacher, Seattle, USA

I first came to Goa, India to study with the program in 2009 for my 200 hour teacher training and then again in 2015 for my 500 hour teacher training.  I went into my 200 hour thinking that I knew everything,  I quickly realized that I had a very slim understanding of both yoga and myself.  When I finally completed my 200 hour, it took me a while to figure out what actually happened to me the previous 5 weeks. I knew that I was leaving with a great deal of knowledge and a plethora of valuable skills to enable me to be a successful yoga teacher, but there was something else. After being home for a few months, I figured it out.  My life previous my training, I felt as though I had been trying to drive with a cracked windshield. Everything was hard to see and I didn’t know where to go.  HYV gave me the tools I needed to fix that crack and they provided the map I needed to successfully grow as a person.

When I returned to Goa, six years later, the HYV team welcomed me with open arms.  I was blown away with how they, themselves, had grown.  My first training was great, but my 500 hour was phenomenal.  HYV has perfected an amazing curriculum and amazing team of teachers to implement that curriculum.  Because of HYV and their dedication to quality, staying connected, and ensuring successful students, I am about to open my very own yoga center in the U.S. I couldn’t have done any of it without them. Thank you HYV! – Angela

Rosie Pattison

Yoga Teacher at Yoga with Rosie Hong Kong

I feel incredibly fortunate to have completed my yoga teacher training at Himalaya Yoga Valley. The experience has benefited me hugely and I am now confidently teaching both private and studio classes regularly. The course provides an excellent base for starting out as a teacher, the curriculum is broad and well balance and covers the key considerations needed for any teacher. The trainers are incredibly professional and hugely proficient at their own specialties, there is also a nice mix of teaching styles, personalities and specialism’s. After only 1 month of training I was surprised at how much I had managed to take on board and my training continues to support and inform my teaching. Thank you Himalaya Yoga Valley! Rosie

Eszter Bolgar

Yoga Teacher, Budapest

In picking Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre I followed my intuition. In preparing for a far-off, unfamiliar civilization and culture while expecting unknown challenges I have for all time remained certain of my decision. My intuition did not fail me. Lalit and his team offered far more than just the professional approach promised on the website. I spent four weeks full of intellectual, spiritual and physical challenge in a cooperative and homely atmosphere. Resplendent with the positive energy I received and affected deeply by the optimistic outlook on life I returned home in May 2010 to engage, as a novice, in yoga instruction. No day passes for me since that time without a thought of gratitude and love for the team of Himalaya Yoga Valley. I engage in yoga instruction and teaching is a source of inspiration for me. In June 2011 I had the privilege of welcoming Lalit Kumar to my country, where he held a three-day workshop.

For all the participants the days of this workshop became a determinant event in their yoga career. I can hardly wait to see my mentors and friends in India, Hungary or elsewhere in the world to learn more from them. I shall always remain much obliged and thankful for everything the Himalaya Yoga Valley has given to me. Eszter

Caroline Atkinson

Yoga Teacher, Plymouth, UK

I started my teacher training in October 2010. I had no idea what to expect, but what a fantastic team. It’s a hard course and one goes through many emotions as well as testing your body to the limits. The teachers were all so supportive throughout the whole of our training. Lalit is a fabulous teacher and I am looking forward to working with him in the future at one of my workshops. I am teaching 2 classes a week now and started teaching just 3 months after returning home. I love teaching yoga and will be forever grateful to the whole team. Caroline

Elmarie Grobler

Yoga Teacher at Park Rotana Hotel, Zayed Sports City, Evefit Ladies Spa Abu Dhabi UAE

Himalaya Yoga Valley teacher training was the very best gift I have ever given myself. Lalit and his wonderful team of professional teaching staff gave me the tools and the self-confidence to share my love of yoga with my students. By their example they inspired me to teach yoga from my heart.Come with an open heart and the willingness to learn and you will leave fully equipped to be an excellent and much loved yoga teacher wherever you are in the world. Elmarie

Tine Bogsted

Yoga Teacher, Dublin

I was anxious about going to India on my own -not really knowing what to expect. My wish was that I would come away being able to teach yoga safely and with confidence. For the whole month I felt surrounded by positive energy and knowledge. The added bonus of having interns meant that there was always someone on hand to show you an adjustment or answer any questions or doubts. Whether you’ve been practising for years or just starting out you will benefit in so many ways from these wonderful teachers and learn lots about yourself as you go along. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to teach yoga. Thank you for a fantastic and unforgettable experience! Tine