Month: March 2018

Arm Balancing Practice With Lalit

29th March 2018

Arm Balancing and Core Strengthening Practice with Lalit Practice with Lalit as he takes you step by step through some of the key poses to build core strength and establish your arm balancing practice. During this 25 minute practice you’ll flow through: – Bakasana – Eka pada koundinyasana a – Eka pada koundinyasana b – Parsva bakasana […]

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 Yoga For Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

21st March 2018

  Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders By Laura Mendez What is Sleep? Sleep is defined in Wikipedia as a “naturally recurring state characterised by reduced or absent consciousness, relatively suspended sensory activity, and inactivity of nearly all voluntary muscles”. Sleep plays a significant role in brain development. Sleep enables the brain […]

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Yoga for PTSD

12th March 2018

Yoga and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Amy Bernard “Recent Research has unveiled the fact that our bodies have great capacity, when it comes to storing bad memories. The body processes some of these memories and the rest is passed onto our nervous system where it rests on our spine untreated for several years to […]

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Yoga For Children With Autism

7th March 2018

An article on the benefits of Yoga for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. By Anna McColl What is Autism? Autism Spectrum Disorder (also known as ASD) is a range of highly complex, lifelong developmental difficulties which affect how a child (or adult) relates to and communicates with other people and how he or she sees […]

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