How much yoga experience do I need to be able to do a Teacher Training?
What style of yoga will I be learning to teach?
Will I have the opportunity to actually teach on the course?
Will I be qualified to teach when I graduate and at what level?
What is the difference between 200 Hr and 500 Hr. Teacher Training?
I want to join the course to deepen my practice, is this okay?
Do I have to purchase any text books for trainings?
What happens if I miss a class?
How much homework will I have?
Is there an exam at the end?
Will I have free time?
How many students are on the course?
What type of students attend the trainings?
How do I secure my place on the yoga teacher training course?
Should I bring my own yoga mat?
What clothes should I bring?
Do I need a visa?
Do I need medical travel insurance?
Is India safe for solo travellers?
Do I need vaccinations or malaria pills for India training?
Is there an opportunity to continue study with Himalaya Yoga Valley after graduation?
What is included in the Teacher Training fee?
What should I budget for food?
What about accommodation during the Teacher Training?
Can you give me an idea of the cost of living in India?
I want to spend some time travelling in India before/after the course, any recommendations?
What is the exchange rate for Indian rupees (INR) / other countries?