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11-day comprehensive Yin Yoga Teacher Training to complement your Yang yoga classes and expand your qualifications


Continuing Education – 100 Hour Yin Teacher Training
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Yoga Alliance CE Course

Himalaya Yoga Valley is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance and continuing education YACEP provider. Students who complete our 100 HR Yin Teacher Online will be able to use this certification as a continuing education CEU course.

About our 100 Hour Training

Our 100 Hour Teacher Training Course provides comprehensive theoretical and practical Yin yoga training, enhancing personal practice and teaching skills. Graduates emerge as confident teachers well-versed in Yin Yoga. The curriculum covers asanas, philosophy, physiology, adjustments, chanting, chakras, anatomy, Chinese Medicine, mudras, pranayama, and meditation. Our expert teachers guide you from foundational Yin principles to confident teaching. We prioritize training outcomes, aiming for graduates to teach professionally with premium skills. Our intensive curriculum includes ample teaching hours, practicums, and teacher-oriented lectures to ensure graduates are ready to start their careers and maintain a consistent practice.

Why Yin?

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Our Curriculum

Fascia: The latest, cutting edge research in fascia, myofascial release and tissue health for Yin yoga Traditional Chinese Medicine: Holistic approach from Traditional Chinese Medicine, 5 yin organs, 6 yang organs, energetic properties of the organs and effects on physical health, 12 meridians, healthy chi flow.

Yogic Anatomy: 5 koshas and the Vayus for Yin yoga, chakras and chakra sequencing for Yin Nervous System: Nervous system regulation and polyvagal theory for Yin.

Trauma Sensitive Approach: A trauma sensitive approach to creating a safe and inviting space for every-body. Emotional Alchemy: Understanding the alchemical process that takes place on a cellular level during Yin yoga, how this radiates through the 5 bodies, and how to hold space for emotional processing and transformation through a psycho-somatic lens.

History and Evolution: Yin yoga from traditional Chinese medicine and yogic lens.Benefits, Practical Application, and Discovering Your Unique Teaching Style: How to bring the many benefits of Yin into your community. Blend your own personal magic with traditional Yin, and create your unique vision to share Yin in a way only you can. You are the vessel and conduit of carrying and sharing this sacred practice.

Daoist Philosophy: Effortless effort (wuwei), stillness, the sacred pause, rebounding and intention.

Embodied Yin: How to BE in a Yin state, becoming yin, embodying yin, bringing the properties of yin into your life and gently sharing this with others by who YOU ARE. Leading by example is one of the greatest forms of teaching.

Business and Yoga: Easily integrate yin into studio classes, workshops, local and international retreats and more. Plus, how to share your services as a yin teacher by creating your short-and-sweet pitch for studios, retreat centers, and workshops. 

Yin & Nature: Connecting with the 5 elements of nature through yogic philosophy and traditional chinese medicine. How to honor these elements, connect, and hold ceremonies based on the elements & with a Yin approach.

Comprehensive Sequencing: how to sequence based on the 5 elements, meridians, chakras, organs, fascial lines, physical anatomy, rebounding/ still, chi invigoration and more!

Mantra: A curated practice of traditional sanskrit mantras to utilize in any yin class (or yoga class). 

Pranayama: Traditional and modern pranayama techniques to enhance and balance yin energy.

Meditation: Specific meditation practices to add to any of your yin classes (or other yoga classes), designed to both enhance and invigorate yin energy.

Meet Lindsey, your lead teacher trainer! Lindsey’s a yogi, meditator, and sound therapist with 9  years of international teaching experience. She’s  had the privilege of training with some of the greatest Indian yoga masters of our time and holds over 1500+ hours of yoga training certifications in 12 styles of yoga, which are now shared with students worldwide. She holds 550 hours of training from Himalaya Yoga Valley, over the past 9 years 

Her greatest joy comes from leading groups on transformative journeys to cultivate a healthy body, a peaceful mind, regulated emotions, and a vibrant connection to spirit. Lindsey weaves together modalities from yoga, qi gong, meditation, breathwork, sound therapy, shamanism, and mystical traditions to facilitate self-discovery and wellness.

As a certified sound therapist, yoga teacher, yin teacher trainer, and the founder of Revive Corporate Wellness, Yintegration, and Biofield Yoga, Lindsey is dedicated to helping others access more  balance and well-being.

Yogacharya Lalit Kumar is the founder of Himalaya Yoga Valley and will be teaching two yang style (Ashtanga and Iyengar based) yoga classes for a well balanced, comprehensive training!

Lalit has been practising Yoga since the age of 7 when he entered traditional Yoga schools in India. Since then he has trained under some of the most respected masters of Yoga.

Lalit is passionate about training teachers and sharing his teachings with keen yogis; his style is demanding, but he is known for his ability to work with students of all levels and bring out the best in the individual. He believes through self-discipline and self-study, Yoga students can flourish personally and in the world.

Program Details

Sample Schedule

07:00am – Yin Yoga (Pranayama, meditation and mantra)
09:00am – Breakfast
10:00am – Theory & Application  #1
12:00pm – Break/Free Time
01:30pm – Yin Yoga or Practicum
03:30pm – Theory & Application #2
05:30pm – Free Time

Visiting India

As part of this training you’ll get to spend two weeks beautiful Goa, India. Whilst we are heading into the Autumn, Goa is about to enter the best time to visit. Lovely warm 25 degree days with calm and cool evenings.

Our training will be hosted in our world famous yoga centre just 10 minutes walk from the beach, and we’ve got everything you need on-site…

Many students relish the opportunity to learn yoga at the source and rightly so! India is a truly incredible country and being able to practice with indigenous gatekeepers of yoga in it’s birthplace is truly magical. Whilst many first-time travelers to India and Asia can feel nervous at the thought of taking a trip alone to a foreign country it is important to remember that we are located in an extremely safe, small and local beach village. India on a whole is a very safe travel destination and Goa is particularly safe for tourists and solo female travelers. The local community have been hosting western tourists for many decades and they enjoy a respectful and peaceful relationship with their visitors. Solo female travelers to Goa enjoy relaxed and safe interactions in the state.  The economy depends on return visitors and the local community safeguard this return custom through care and respect for people coming to visit.

You may be interested in reading our article on Traveling to India for Yoga Teacher Training which gives you all the top tips on getting flights, visas, what to pack, staying healthy, and plenty of other useful information!

Course Prerequisites

The 100 Hour Yin Teacher Training Course is open to those with an open mind, commitment to learning, and motivation to become a Yin Yoga teacher. Those with an emerging Yin practice can apply, but they must demonstrate high self-discipline as the course is physically, mentally, and spiritually demanding.

The primary goal of the course should be to deepen personal practice and become a professional Yin teacher. The course offers a structured curriculum with experienced teachers and staff support.

Both beginner and seasoned teachers can benefit from the course, fostering a dynamic and diverse learning environment. 

Applicants should be fully ready on a holistic level and embrace challenges and joys with an open heart. English proficiency is required as the course is taught in English, and extra coaching is available for non-native speakers.

For students who have received a Yoga Alliance accredited 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, you will be eligible to receive both a Himalaya Yoga Valley 100 hour Certification, and apply for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits, upon successful completion of the course. For students who have NOT received an accredited 200 hour certification you are eligible to receive a Himalaya Yoga Valley 100 hour Certification upon successful completion of the course. 

100 Hour Yin Teacher Training

  • • 11 days of Yin Yoga Learning
  • • CPD Certificate 100 Hours
  • • All study and training materials including comprehensive manual, lecture slides and presentations, sequences, and post training community support
  • • Accommodation and meals are not included in the training price, accommodation starts at 23 euros per day