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Nestled amidst the pristine landscapes of Sierra Valley, our retreat center offers a sanctuary of serenity in the heart of Andalusia, Spain. Surrounded by untouched nature, our center provides the perfect backdrop for your yoga journey.

Experience serenity at Sierra Valley Training Centre in Andalusia. Surrounded by olive trees and a 400-year-old Andalusian house, our centre offers a peaceful escape for yoga training and retreats

Find solace amidst nature’s embrace. Our remote location provides a sanctuary for self-reflection, away from the distractions of modern life. Disconnect and reconnect with your inner self amidst tranquil surroundings.

Prioritizing your well-being, we offer nourishing vegetarian meals made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Enhance your yoga practice with wholesome meals served amidst the beauty of Andalusia, promoting holistic wellness.

Spain Training and Retreat Centre : Swimming Pool View

Our location

Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, our center offers stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. Enjoy the olive trees and traditional Spanish architecture, with beautiful beaches just an hour’s drive away. Experience the warmth of Spanish hospitality and delicious local cuisine, creating a perfect paradise getaway.

Accomodation In Spain : HYVC

The Accommodation

Discover Sierra Valley Training Centre, tucked away in the stunning Andalusian countryside. The centre was a traditional coach house used by spiritual walkers on the Seville – Malaga- Granada Camino route. We have retained the traditional look and feel of the place, creating a unique environment that fosters a deep connection with self and the surroundings. There are just 11 bedrooms with shared and single options available. In addition there are two swimming pools and an outside dining area. 

Safety in Spain

We understand that traveling to any destination can raise concerns, and it’s our priority to support you from the moment of application approval until you return home, ensuring your safety and security throughout your experience

A Secure Destination

Traveling to a new destination can sometimes raise concerns, especially for solo travelers. Sierra Valley Training Centre offers a safe haven in the heart of Andalusia. Situated in a tranquil village, our center boasts a peaceful environment with minimal petty crime and no significant security concerns.

Perfect Safety Measures

Ensuring safety is our priority at Himalaya Yoga Valley. With an outstanding safety record, we provide a secure environment for all. Here’s what we do:

Airport pick-up

Get to your destination in Spain hassle-free with our reliable airport transfer service. Our local drivers ensure a safe and comfortable ride from the airport. You can also hire them during your stay for easy access to local markets and nearby villages.

Spain: Safe Travel Destination

Spain stands out as a particularly safe destination in Europe for tourists and solo female travellers. With a strong tradition of hosting visitors, locals prioritize respect and care for all guests, contributing to a memorable stay in Spain.

Salad and yellow sauce in bowl

Our restaurant

We take your health and nutrition seriously throughout your entire stay and we understand that participating on a Yoga Teacher Training or retreat requires a lot of energy. Our restaurant prides itself on providing our guests with delicious, energising and balanced meals so you can enjoy your stay in Goa as your best self. 

With a large variety to choose from daily, you will never go unsatisfied.
Our restaurant always uses fresh produce, washed twice in an all natural antibacterial solution, and will always offer vegan and gluten free options.

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Getting to Spain

Getting to Spain

Spain is a popular destination with convenient transportation options. While there are direct flights to various airports in Spain, you may find it more economical and convenient to fly into a major international airport like Madrid or Barcelona and then take a domestic flight to your final destination.

Exploring Spain

Traveling in Spain is an enriching experience, and we encourage you to take the opportunity to explore the country after your training. Whether it’s exploring historic cities, enjoying stunning beaches, or savoring delicious cuisine, Spain has something for everyone.

Getting to Sierra Valley Training Centre

From the moment you initiate contact with us, our administration team ensures a smooth journey for trainees and retreat guests. Nestled amidst pristine nature, Sierra Valley Training Centre offers a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Despite its remote location, accessing our sanctuary is hassle-free. You can fly to Granada or Malaga directly from many international airports or connect via many other domestic airports. Convenient 1 hour bus and train services connect to Loja. From there it is a quick 20-minute taxi ride to our doorstep. Another option is to hire a car upon arrival in Spain will allow you to explore the surrounding area allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Andalusia while enjoying the serenity of our sanctuary space. 

Sierra Valley Training Centre - HYVC

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Yes, we know reliable taxi drivers who have been helping us for a long time. If you’d like, we can arrange a taxi to pick you up from the airport. Just let us know in advance.


We give you clean towels every day for your bath and hands. We also change the bed sheets every few days and clean the rooms every day.

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