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Welcome to Sierra Valley Retreat Center, the European site of Himalaya Yoga Valley, nestled in the heart of the Malaga Countryside, Spain. This is a retreat for all those seeking connection to the self, their yoga practise and nature.

*5th - 10th May Fully Booked!

Join us for a 5-day yoga retreat in Spain designed to help you expand your yoga practise and find peace, rejuvenation and personal transformation in a stunning location just 45 minutes from Malaga Airport. Experience an exceptional yoga retreat led by our School Founder Yogacharya Lalit from India, in the breathtaking countryside of Malaga, celebrated for its beautiful scenery and traditional way of life. Himalaya Yoga Valley Spain is nestled in the picturesque Andalusian landscape a crossroad point between Granada, Seville, and Malaga. Surrounded by olive trees and boasting a 400-year-old traditional Andalusian house, our center offers a serene escape.


Are you ready to make new connections and expand your yoga knowledge on a relaxing and restorative yoga holiday?

Our yoga center offers a truly remote and secluded retreat experience, enveloped solely by the serene beauty of olive trees, mountains, and endless blue skies. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of urban life, this pristine natural setting serves as the cornerstone of our retreat philosophy, providing a sanctuary for guests to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with themselves. Here, amidst the tranquil solitude of nature’s embrace, one can embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner reflection. The remoteness of our center is not merely a geographical feature but a fundamental element of the transformative experience we offer, allowing individuals to retreat from the distractions of modern life and delve deep into the core of their being. 

Our center is quiet, remote, and peaceful- yet you are just 20 minutes from Loja and have an abundance of activities to explore should you wish to.

Getting There 
Our centre is surrounded only by nature, but getting to and from Himalaya Yoga Valley from Malaga is convenient, with regular bus and train services available to Loja from where you can take a taxi the short 20 minutes ride to our centre.

Car hire is also an option for exploring the surrounding area and is recommended for those who are more focused on a travel holiday than retreating from the world at our beautiful sanctuary space! 

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Outdoor Dining Area - HYVC in Spain

Boasting 12 bedrooms with 18-person capacity, our retreat center provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Enjoy breathtaking mountain views, two swimming pools, and abundant solitude in this picturesque mountain valley.

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the charm of a 400-year-old Spanish house. The property exudes authenticity, creating an environment that fosters a deep connection with yourself and the surroundings. The house is located in Loja, close to Alfarnate


Situated at the crossroads of Malaga, Granada, and Seville, Sierra Valley Retreat Center is a peaceful haven surrounded by olive trees. Experience the quietude of the countryside, offering the perfect environment for self-reflection and spiritual exploration. Our retreat is perfect for anyone wishing to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Yoga Retreat Center in Spain

Surrounded by majestic hills and scenic landscapes, Sierra Valley Retreat Centre offers the perfect setting for yoga and nature immersion. You can hike or bike locally, explore the nearby regions of Loja, Riofrio, and Alfarnate, each offering unique cultural experiences and opportunities for relaxation.

Loja, a short drive away, invites you to stroll through its historic streets and visit landmarks such as the Alcazala and the famous 25 Fountain Spouts. Enjoy local tapas and delicacies like Rocos, traditional ring-shaped cakes.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Riofrio offers trekking routes and trout fishing, while the bustling city of Granada beckons with its rich history and vibrant culture. Don’t miss the opportunity to tour the majestic Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For the adventurous yogis, nearby attractions include bike riding and horseback riding. Take advantage of organized trips and activities, or explore the area at your own pace with a hired car or moped.

To attend these activities guests can hire a car or we can arrange a local taxi.


At Sierra Valley Retreat Center, we prioritize your well-being. Indulge in nourishing, vegetarian meals prepared with love and care.
Our culinary offerings support your yoga practice, providing a holistic approach to wellness.

Upcoming Immersion Dates

Practice as Much as You Like

Of course, as well as relaxing and exploring Spain there will be plenty of yoga on offer. During the retreat there will be two daily classes with Lalit for you to attend as well as morning meditation, chanting and pranayama.

New to Yoga?

Lalits inclusive teaching style classes are suitable for everyone beginners to advanced practitioners and you can participate as much as you feel is suitable for you in the postures. It's up to you which classes you go to and when...it's your holiday.


  • Includes shared accommodation and all three meals.
  • Sierra Valley Retreat Center invites you to switch off, embrace the peace of the countryside, and experience distraction-free study in one of the region's most beautiful areas. Whether you seek spiritual growth or a rejuvenating retreat, our center provides the perfect setting for your journey within. ​
  • Book your spot now and embark on a transformative experience at Sierra Valley Retreat Center, where tradition meets tranquility
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