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Born Again Yogini

14th November 2015

When I found out I was pregnant I had some pretty clear visions of the mother to be I would be…Radiant, glowing, peaceful and maternal. I often struggled being these things when I was not pregnant so I am not sure why exactly I thought that surging hormones, rapid weight gain, rabid mood swings and back […]

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Forget Your Juice Fast – it’s time for a Digital Detox

11th January 2014

Many of us who practice yoga do so with the aim of cleansing the body and soul through a regular practice. Often we support these practices with a healthy, Satvic diet- we are concerned about the cleanliness and health giving properties of what we put in out mouths in relation to our yoga lifestyle, and […]

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Salute the Slow to see your Surya Namaskar Grow

4th March 2013

Why do we rush our Sun Salutations? How can we flow without rushing? With so many parts of our lives on sped up, stressed out auto pilot shouldn’t we be doing the opposite when we hit our mats? On an early morning Goa beach walk I came across a friend practising Surya Namaskar and marveled as I […]

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Turning our most challenging asanas into our favourite teachers

24th April 2012

Theres always one…that ever elusive bakasana, the head stand that can bring tears to your eyes even though you’ve only ever thought about doing it, the forward fold that just won’t unfold. Most everyone has an asana that seems to always be just out of reach and sometimes even smirking at you.. One of the most important […]

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Namaste from our Thailand Teacher Training :)

19th April 2012

Namaste to all of our students past and present and welcome to those of you who we are yet to meet! The team at Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre are excited to get posting about all things yoga and yoga teacher training related. We finished up an incredible season in Goa and at the moment we are in Thailand […]

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