Pranayama and Meditation with Lalit

13 February, 2018
lalit kumar in padmasana - lotus pose


Our founder and lead teacher Yogacharya Lalit has recently put together a short video to guide you through a 10 minute Pranayama and meditation practice. This practice can be used as either a great way to start your day in the morning, or to relax you at night before you go to bed.

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Meditation Today

The benefits of meditation, and in particular mindfulness meditation, are becoming much more mainstream these days. With more media attention on mental health issues and apps like Headspace popularising the practice, the benefits of meditation have never been so openly talked about.

The ancient Yogis and Sages of India and the Himalayas have long known the powerfully positive effects that meditation and Pranayama (breath control) have on the body and the mind, and for generations have shared these techniques and practices with the world to encourage a deeper connection with the self.

In more modern times these techniques are being looked to by western medicine to help with the treatment of stress, depression and anxiety, that is becoming much more prevalent in today’s fast paced and high pressure societies.

Meditation can be challenging and can take more than one lifetime to master, but with a regular practice and no attachment to any outcome or goal, it can be an amazing tool to help us through some of life’s more stressful times.

Meditation and Pranayama