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Professional Development Courses

8 Day Asana Intensive

Alongside our 200 & 500 Hour Teachers Trainings, Yogacharya Lalit conducts 8 Day courses dedicated entirely to improving personal practice and delving deeper into advanced asana from the Ashtanga Primary Series.  It is suitable for advanced practitioners and  yoga teachers who who wish to further develop their asana techniques  under the guidance of an expert.

We also offer internships exclusively to our Graduates in aid of their professional development and growth.


8 Day Asana Intensive with Yogacharya Lalit

7  Nights /8 Days  – €675

Dates to be confirmed – Residential


50 Hours of Continuous Education (Certified) For Yoga Teachers worldwide

Further your professional development with this eight day continuous education course. Relevant and beneficial for advanced practitioners, yoga teachers and graduates of 200, 300 and 500 hour teacher trainings.  During the course, you will participate in advanced yoga practice and theory classes.  Yogacharya Lalit will dedicate this time with you to an immersion in advanced Ashtanga asana and workshops. There will also be a lecture on Ayurveda, anatomy, sequencing and adjusting and alignment. Each morning there is a led meditation, mantra and pranayama session. The Course covers 50 hours of study and practice and is eligible for CED points for Yoga Alliance  Professionals UK.

The schedule comprises of mornings and afternoons dedicated to asana with Yogacharya Lalit. On alternate days, you will have a mid-morning lecture covering additional concepts of Ayurveda and anatomy valuable for your own practice and that as a yoga teacher.  The alignment and adjusting class has a practical, hands-on focus and you will have time to apply systems around sequencing for needs of specific groups of students.  In addition to the great learning opportunities, there is ample time to relax and rejuvenate with Ayurvedic treatments, see some of Goa, enjoy the fabulous vegetarian meals at our Restaurant, walk on the beach or just laze by the pool!

7  Nights /8 Days  – €675

Price Includes:

  • Daily Meditation, mantra and Pranayama session
  • Optional daily kryias
  • Twice daily yoga asana sessions with Lalit–morning asana classes and afternoon workshops
  • Four yoga related lectures
  • Supporting Manual and kriyas material
  • ½ Board–a sumptuous Breakfast and Lunch or Dinner
  • Shared accommodation at Himalaya Yoga Valley Training and Retreat Centre (private room supplement available)
  • Airport Transfers

Lalit Yoga Teacher Headstand

The Villas are newly constructed two-story building, spacious, secure and comfortable. They are set in a quiet peaceful location – large private grounds nestled under a hillside with lots of greenery, natural bush land and trees. Each Villa has four large bedrooms with en suite which are serviced daily. Each villa has a sprawling common -use lounge area. The Villas are strictly non- smoking. You can get full information about our facilities, restaurant and much more on our Goa page


Structural Awareness – 100 Hr Massage Immersion Certified Course

13th – 26th January 2019

14 Days / 13 nights


Himalaya Yoga Valley is delighted once again to host well known Body Structural Awareness expert Adam Divine who is holding his unique Massage Immersion Course at our Centre in 13th-26th January 2019. Adam is joined by Viriam Kaur, renowned Kundalaini teacher, energy healer and Himalaya Yoga Valley’s Philosophy Lecturer.

Structural Awareness Technique is a powerful bodywork session unique to each individual – Using fascial release, body-reading, assisted stretches and integration, you will learn a profound massage technique and give your clients the power to heal and understand their own bodies. This 100 hr immersion is a foundation course in Structural Awareness Technique – a massage and body awareness system devised by Adam Divine who is an established  Anatomy lecturer on Himalaya Yoga Valley 200 & 500 Hr Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Conscious bodywork is a conversation between therapist and client – and potentially, more importantly, the bodyworker initiates a dialogue between the client and their own body – the need to start listening to our tensions, our holding patterns, our armouring – and the liberation we can feel in the physical and emotional body when we stand and move with awareness.

The course has a framework of yoga and meditative practices led by Viriam Kaur to help us understand the emotional anatomy, body armouring, brainwave states, yoga nidra, pranic energy and the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system. It will help us to develop a deep understanding of our own physical and emotional blocks and the potential to create space for our own inner healing.

“Through this course, you will use your own body as a case study. Looking at your own unique structure and body patterns, where you hold tension and where you can create awareness and transformation. You will learn the tools to help you return to your original blueprint” – Adam Divine


13 nights/ 14 Days

– £1,100(Residential with 1/2 Board)


  • 13 Nights shared room accommodation
  • daily breakfast and lunch
  • Tuition and Manual


– £750 (Non-residential)


  • Daily breakfast and lunch
  • Tuition and Manual

Flights/airport transfers/visas not included

For booking information please email viriam@yahoo.co.uk

What you will learn:

This 14 Day Immersion is a fully certified course and will serve as a foundation for the Structural Awareness Technique. You will learn core techniques to confidently perform a conscious 1 ½ hour massage session – learning a variety of massage techniques and assisted stretches. On completion, you will receive certification. There will be further modules for you to focus on key areas, for example, neck and shoulder issues, spinal or hip and pelvis problems.

As well as massage techniques, you will look at emotional anatomy, stress responses, trauma reflexes and methods of integration – and Adam will share his insights into body reading.

Key Elements of the Course:

  • Fascial Release Techniques
  • Deep Tissue Massage Techniques
  • Postural Assessment
  • Spinal Body Reading
  • Assisted Yoga Stretches
  • Tensegrity
  • Applied Anatomy
  • Emotional Anatomy
  • Healing and Integration
  • Breathwork Techniques
  • Yogic Anatomy(Subtle Energy)
  • Body Awareness through Yoga

The Teachers:


Adam Divine- Adam has been teaching anatomy with Himalaya Yoga Valley foundational & advanced teacher trainings and teaching massage courses around the world for over six years. He has been practicing massage himself for over twelve years. His original studies were in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Thai Massage, but his approach has been revolutionized by working with Anatomy Trains teacher James Earls. From working with Anatomy Trains, osteopaths, yoga teachers and breathwork practitioners, he has developed a deep understanding of the mechanics of the body and sees subtle awareness as the key to transformation. He specialises in body reading, therapeutic bodywork and myofascial release. Structural Awareness Technique is the culmination of years of study and enthusiasm.


Viriam Kaur- Viriam is a Senior Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance UK) and has been teaching since 2003. She trained in the UK with the SKY School of Kundalini Yoga and teaches around the world. She has been teaching Yoga Philosophy on Himalaya Yoga Valley foundation and advanced teacher trainings for several years. She  has devised her own Chakra Healing techniques and runs regular trainings and workshops. Viriam also works with breath and the healing power of yoga nidra.

For booking on to the 2019 course please contact Viriam directly.

Email Viriam »


Chakra Healing Immersion – 50 Hr Certified Course

November 13-20th

8 Days/ 7 Nights


Viriam Kaur has been teaching the Yoga Philosophy at Himalaya Yoga Valley for 7 years; we are excited that she is going to share a Chakra Healing Immersion in Goa in November.

Tune into Your Body’s Own Innate Wisdom – A week of Energy Awareness Practices

We all have an innate healing wisdom within us – tuning into our energy body and learning to navigate the chakra system is a way of tapping into this wisdom.

Taking a breath and letting our awareness drop into the body, we watch as each breath rises and falls, we follow the breath inwards and our attention to the outside world falls away. The breath is a doorway to our inner world – this realm of energy, of subtle experience, of deep enquiry.

If we can go beyond the distractions of the mind, we can tune into the Energy Body – a network of energy lines (nadis), sacred centres (bindus and chakras) that make up our Yogic Anatomy – our inner world.

What would our lives feel like if we dropped our limiting beliefs and tuned into our intuitive wisdom? We can empower ourselves through a deeper understanding of ourselves.

In this training, we will use the Chakra system as a healing map where each chakra symbolizes an area of our mental, emotional and physical health. Using the chakras to show us our strengths and weaknesses so that we can make our own conscious intention for self-healing. As we develop this greater awareness and intuition, we can begin to heal others. With 50 hours of tuition, you will receive a Practitioners Certificate.

Viriam’s teaching taps into the deep nurturing quality of Mother Earth, bringing with it a groundedness, softness and sense of being held. I have always found her work to be infused with beauty, balance, grace and femininity … as well as having a strong foundation of knowledge and skill. Altogether a great recipe for healing!

Amoda Maa, author of Embodied Enlightenment


“Viriam creates a space of love, support and healing through her presence, her words of wisdom and her undeniable knowledge of subtle energy. Her versatile technique includes touch, mantra, sound, meditation, visualization and crystals that enables holistic healing. An amazing and enlightening experience I will always remember.”

Casey King, Himalaya Yoga Valley and Chakra Healing Training graduate

Intuitive Healing

This eight-day course will focus on healing ourselves and healing others. We will learn techniques to tune into the energies that run through us – we need to understand, sense and feel these energies within ourselves, before we turn our attention towards healing others – in this way, we build an intuitive awareness of the chakra system. Intuition is the key to healing; we can learn all the tools of the trade, but what empowers us as a healer is listening to our own intuition. Through meditation and energy work we will build a deeper trust of our own intuitive sense.

Yoga & Awareness with Viriam

Every morning we will go on a Chakra Journey with Yoga and Meditation. We want to create an embodied experience of each chakra – what the chakra means to us – as this is integral for our own healing journey.

Viriam works with Kundalini Yoga, sound healing and yoga nidra in her classes. Depending on the chakra, the yoga can be dynamic (if we are working with the solar plexus for example) or more meditative (if we are working with the third-eye). We will use asana that tunes us into an inner understanding of our subtle energy network. Each morning we will be invited to listen to ourselves and understand our strengths and vulnerabilities – our healing comes from listening to ourselves; from dropping our limiting beliefs and developing a respect for our body and our journey.


– £630 (Residential with 1/2 Board)


· Tuition and Manual

· 7 Nights shared room accommodation with daily breakfast and lunch


– £450 (Non-residential)


· Tuition and Manual

· Breakfast and Lunch

Flights/airport transfers/visas not included

For booking information please email viriam@yahoo.co.uk

You will learn:

Viriam Chakra Healing Hand

    • Yoga and Meditation for each Chakra
    • Energy Healing Exercises
    • How to use Crystals
    • Crystal Dowsing
    • Healing Vibration of Sound
    • Breath Awareness Practices
    • Chakra Breathing MeditationHealing Mantras
    • How to Build Intuition
    • A simple technique to heal others

For booking on to the 2019 course please contact Viriam directly.

Email Viriam »

About Viriam Kaur

Viriam is a yoga teacher and healer. She has been teaching yoga and awareness practices since 2003. Viriam trained in the UK with SKY School of Kundalini Yoga and is a registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. She has been teaching Yoga Philosophy with International School Himalaya Yoga Valley for over six years and this has opened her eyes and heart to a new depth of yogic awareness.

Viriam is a massage therapist and energyworker and has devised this Chakra Healing technique based on her insights from Kundalini Yoga and from working with teachers Uma Dunsmore-Tulli and the healing power of yoga nidra, Amoda Maa, Anodea Judith and Breathwork teacher Giten Tonkov.

Sound Healing is a large part of Viriam’s personal practice – working with sound and mantra, she has an album of sacred mantra with her band Mantrica.